How to Achieve a Perfect Lawn


Achieving a perfect lawn means investing time, effort and money to ensure this would materialize, but it shouldn’t be too stressful given the right knowledge, skills, attitude, and resources. Fall is the ideal time to thicken up the patchy areas of your lawn, so you’ll have a thick and healthy grass in spring. Keep your lawn looking good, green and healthy by proper cutting, aerating, fertilizing and watering, with good timing and effective Nutley Lawn Maintenance techniques requiring less time and effort. Control or eliminate the growth of stubborn weeds, and prevent their return by maintaining a healthy grass, using simplified and effective weed control measures and good timing.

In treating broadleaf weeds that are noticeable in your lawn like bright yellow faces of dandelions, big-leaf plantain and white flowering clover, it is best to apply granular weed control products to control and eliminate them all. Pre-emergent herbicide is applied early in the spring and it can be used to control hard-to-eliminate weeds and dreaded crabgrass, by stopping their roothold and sprouting of their seeds before they germinate. Granular weed control products works best in a heavy morning dew because they need moisture to stick to the leaves of weeds. It is highly recommended to follow packaging instructions regarding protective equipment, application procedures, proper clothing and safety precautions, when using lawn care and treatment products. Be careful not to mow your lawn too short because this can damage your grass and it also allows weeds to set root. Grass that’s cut too short is more prone to heat damage, weed invasion, and drought, and a tell-sign that the grass is over stressed or cut too short is yellow or brown colored grass. The rule of the thumb is to never cut the grass more than one-third of its blade.

Ensure that your mower blade is sharp by sharpening or replacing it at least once a mowing season or when it shows signs of wear like shredding or frayed, because a dull blade results to ragged edge and tearing of grass, making your lawn grayish brown instead of healthy green. Early morning sunlight helps dry the grass, so this is the best time to water your lawn, because nighttime watering results to prolonged moisture on grass blades, opening the door for diseases. To make your lawn greener than ever, find a mix of slow-release and fast-release fertilizers and feed them over time, feeding in fall and spring in the north, and in spring and summer in the south.

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